The Best Fluffy DINNER ROLLS Recipe

today i’m going to show you how to make the fluffiest dinner rolls [Music] hey everybody it’s natasha of you guys are gonna love this recipe the ingredients are so simple you probably already have everything you need to make these and they are melt-in-your-mouth soft i’m craving dinner rolls so let’s get started to start you’ll need one and a half cups of warm whole milk it should be about 110 degrees fahrenheit you want to make sure it’s not too hot or it can deactivate the yeast stir in one tablespoon of granulated sugar and whisk that to combine then sprinkle the top with 1 tablespoon of active dry yeast let that rest for a minute then whisk the yeast into the milk mixture now you’re going to set it aside and let it proof for about 5 minutes or until the yeast looks foamy alright that looks perfect now we’re going to add 4 tablespoons of warm melted unsalted butter also add the rest of your 1 3 cup of sugar and one and a quarter teaspoons of salt next we’re gonna add just under four cups of all-purpose flour and make sure you measure that correctly i do have a video tutorial on how we measure ingredients for baking and i will link that in the notes add the flour just half a cup at a time and whisking to incorporate between each addition once that’s fully blended in add a little bit more flour and continue doing that until it’s too thick to whisk [Music] i love starting my dough with a whisk because it incorporates much faster and speeds up the process but eventually the dough will get too thick and we’re going to switch to the dough hook attachment if you don’t have a stand mixer you absolutely can continue to blend this together with a stiff spatula and then knead the dough by hand [Music] i’m going to set my mixer to speed two and continue adding that flour scrape down your mixing bowl as needed to help the flour incorporate evenly add the last one to two tablespoons of flour only if it’s needed when the dough is done it should still feel sticky and tacky to the touch but if you have clean dry fingers it should not stick to your fingertips if you see it is very sticky to your fingertips you can add one to two tablespoons of flour at a time until you reach the right consistency once the flour is all mixed in you want to knead that for another 2 minutes on speed 2. because this dough is so soft and moist it will produce the fluffiest dinner rolls now we’re gonna let the dough rise transfer it to a well-oiled large mixing bowl cover that with plastic wrap and let it rest and rise in a warm room for about two hours or until the dough is doubled in size the dough will rise faster in a warmer environment so you can either use your oven or a microwave if using your oven preheat to the lowest heat for about two minutes then turn the oven off and set the bowl of dough on a towel and let it proof in the warm oven for about two hours or you can place a damp kitchen towel into your microwave heat that for a minute on high heat this will create the perfect warm and moist environment for the dough to rise place the dough into the warm microwave shut the door and let it rise for a couple of hours [Music] when it’s done you’ll see that the dough has doubled in size now we’re going to divide the dough into individual rolls lightly dust a clean and smooth work surface with flour now turn the dough out onto your floured surface since the dough is sticky i find it’s much easier to work with after giving it a quick turn on a lightly dusted surface we’re going to turn this into 15 dinner rolls you can make 16 dinner rolls or 24 depending on the pan size that you use we’re using a 13×9 casserole dish which fits five across and three deep making 15 dinner rolls i find the easiest way to portion this is just to divide first divide the dough into three even pieces then divide each of those pieces into five even pieces i find it helps to score the dough before slicing to see what your pieces will look like once you have your dough pieces you’re going to roll them into balls you can either wrap your hand around the dough and roll it on a clean work surface or you can roll it in the palm of your hand my favorite way is to hug the dough with my thumb and fingers and then roll it in the palm of my hand you should get a smooth and even ball [Music] lightly oil a 9×13 casserole dish then add your dinner rolls so they’re evenly spaced in the pan [Music] cover those with plastic wrap and we’re gonna let those rise in a warm place for about an hour or until they’re visibly puffed we’re gonna do our same warm microwave trick so put a damp towel in the microwave for a minute then put your casserole dish into the microwave close the door and let them sit for about an hour when those are nearly done you’re gonna preheat your oven to 375 degrees fahrenheit you can see they’ve puffed and risen beautifully now we’re going to bake those in the center of a preheated oven at 375 degrees fahrenheit for about 23 to 25 minutes or until they’ve risen and the tops are a beautiful golden brown as soon as those come out of the oven if you want them to have a golden glow brush the tops with one tablespoon of melted butter [Music] [Applause] [Music] now the easiest way to amp up the flavor is to sprinkle the tops with a little bit of kosher salt while the butter is still fresh and melted this will help the salt stick to your dinner rolls you do want to let the rolls cool slightly before serving and it is so hard to resist a fresh and warm dinner roll all right these have been cooling long enough i personally love rolls when they’re still a little bit warm out of the oven i think they’re the softest and most delicious then so we are gonna do a taste test are you ready for this i can’t wait to show you guys what’s inside of these rolls how soft and crazy fluffy they are okay and i’ve got my butter and i’ve got my plate and i’m ready here we go all right and these come out super easy because remember we oiled the dish okay look at this these are so tall and fluffy delicious take a look inside these are like like cotton candy soft they are so good look at that yummers okay and we need butter we need butter because bread and butter [Laughter] it’s got some softened butter here and i do have a really really good honey butter which we serve for the holidays it is easy excellent and i will leave a link in the notes but here we go with this taste test okay oh [Music] the texture of a homemade dinner roll you just can’t beat it you can’t i love that these are still a little bit warm it’s melting my butter i’m excited and i don’t know there’s just this this feeling about making your own dinner rolls make these and you will feel good about it i’m telling you it’s it feels like an accomplishment even though it was really easy okay i’m gonna eat more of these also these are perfect for sliders i have a really good sliders recipe that you can use for these and little peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so good wow the texture these are like my favorite restaurant dinner rolls this homemade is always better my whole family loves these they freeze really well and uh i hope these become a new favorite for you hope you love them and uh we’ll see you in our next video

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