LEMON RICOTTA PANCAKES – Easy Breakfast Pancakes Recipe

everybody it’s natasha natashas kitchen calm and today I’m gonna show you how to make ricotta pancakes or should I say butter Kota these are so fluffy and satisfying because they have a lot of protein in them and there’s a secret ingredient that takes these over the top and I’m hungry so let’s get started in a large mixing bowl combine three large eggs and two tablespoons of sugar whisk those together until they’re well blended next add 14 ounces or 1 and 3/4 cup of ricotta cheese 3/4 cup of low-fat buttermilk and 1/4 teaspoon of salt [Music] whisk that in until it’s well blended now in a separate mixing bowl combine 1 and 1/4 cups of all-purpose flour with 1 tablespoon of baking powder now quickly sift those together and I will link to the sieve that I’m using and this is my favorite I use it for rinsing fruit sifting dry ingredients and sifting is a quick and easy step but it will ensure fluffy pancakes that rise beautifully now whisk the flour mixture into the cheese mixture whisking just until it’s well blended you can see these ricotta pancakes have the perfect pancake batter consistency and now last but certainly not least our secret ingredient we’re gonna add the zest of one whole lemon I’ll leave a link to the zester and because it’s pretty sharp I do like to use a safety glove when I’m zesting citrus you’ll find links to all of our favorite tools that we use to make this recipe in the notes whisk the zest into the batter just until it’s well blended then set it aside I’ve found that with this batter if you set it aside for 10 minutes to let it rest the pancakes will puff up even better meanwhile he a large nonstick skillet or a griddle over medium heat and melt in some oil and our personal favorite oil for pancakes is coconut oil because it tastes great and adds a little bit of coconut flavor to the pancakes spoon the batter into the hot pan and we did about two tablespoons per pancake I like using a trigger release ice cream scoop to make portion and easy saute those for about 2 to 3 minutes per side adding more oil as needed the pancakes are ready to flip when you see bubbles forming at the top and the edges are lightly golden if you see your pancakes are browning too quickly reduce the heat because you want to give those pancakes a chance to cook through we keep these on medium heat on the stovetop and if we’re using a griddle we set it to 325 degrees Fahrenheit I love how these get those crisp golden edges that I just find irresistible in homemade pancakes and even though there’s more cheese than flour in these pancakes you can see that they still puff up beautifully transfer those warm pancakes to a serving platter as you take them off the heat and repeat with the remaining pancakes all right that was so easy I love how quick these come together they take just minutes literally and they disappear even faster because these are so so good most pancakes I’m telling you they’re a little dry and you have to drink a lot of milk or just pour over the syrup to get them down but these are just like cloud-like and they melt in your mouth they’re so good okay we’re gonna serve these because I want them bad okay there we go I love them when they’re warm and super fluffy but these do reheat really well you can even pop them in the toaster the next day if you have leftovers if key word yes okay and then we love to serve these with fresh fruit I’ve got some blueberries and strawberries here whoo there goes the strawberry all right and then some real maple syrup and real maple syrup makes all the difference we get this one it’s actually from Vermont and I got these for my family for Christmas this year because they are so good you haven’t tried syrup until you’ve tried this highly recommend all right here we go and you don’t need a ton because remember these pancakes are naturally moist and fluffy okay and I’m gonna cut into this so that you can see what’s inside because the texture of these is unforgettably good here we go [Music] so good they’re also really good with sour cream and jam just want to make a breakfast buffet out of these with all the toppings all right here we go big bite and look at those layers it is just so so fluffy and see if I can get this bite in I am excited okay [Music] hmm I love that they’re mildly sweet and they are so satisfying I’m telling you the ricotta in here in the amount of ricotta in here adds so much great protein so this is gonna make you feel good longer than just a basic boring pancake Wow and then the flavor is awesome I love that you can taste the little bits of lemon zest in there and kids love these too our kids inhale them and I have a taste tester that’s very eager to try them come on over come on hurry hurry let’s go let’s go what are you doing all right you ready yummy these are yummy you remember these momma’s ricotta pancakes yeah you want some maple syrup on there oh yeah that your favorite then they put syrup mmm it’s dripping is that too much of course not mm-hmm what do you think she’s got a taste that she’s got a taste it what does she say what did she say well there you have it try these and I’m sure they’re gonna become a new favorite for you we’ll see you in our next video wait bye I guess that works good job Diana that was awesome

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