hey everybody it’s natasha of and today i’m going to teach you how to make perfect vanilla cupcakes these are so much better than store-bought the texture is incredible and this is the only recipe you’ll need for vanilla cupcakes and wait till you try the frosting it’s so good so let’s get started first we’ll combine the dry ingredients in a medium mixing bowl add one and a fourth cups of all-purpose flour 1 and a 4 teaspoons of baking powder and half a teaspoon of salt whisk those together and set that aside in another large mixing bowl or you can use the bowl of your stand mixer combine half a cup of softened unsalted butter with 3 4 cup of granulated sugar use an electric mixer to beat those together on medium high speed for about 5 minutes or until the mixture is thick and fluffy next add two large room temperature eggs adding them one at a time and beating well with each addition [Applause] and make sure to scrape down the bowl with a spatula as needed so your mixture is smooth and well combined once the eggs are well blended add two teaspoons of real vanilla extract [Music] we do have a tutorial for making your own vanilla extract it’s just two ingredients so easy and it will make your baking taste amazing i’ll leave a link to this in the notes reduce the mixer to medium speed and add your flour in thirds alternating with your one-half cup of room-temperature buttermilk make sure to beat well with each addition so that the flour and buttermilk are well incorporated before adding more alternating the flour and buttermilk like this will help keep the mixture smooth it’s also really important to use room temperature ingredients to keep the butter from hardening also i do have my oven preheating right now at 350 degrees fahrenheit with a rack in the center of the oven once all of the flour and buttermilk are in scrape down the sides of the bowl just to make sure everything is really well incorporated then beat until the batter is smooth the batter will be really thick which makes it easy to portion into cupcake tins and it’s okay if it looks slightly grainy this recipe makes 12 perfect vanilla cupcakes so line a 12 count muffin tin with paper liners using a trigger release ice cream scoop makes portioning these much easier pour the batter evenly into 12 lined muffin tins filling them about 2 3 full make sure you don’t overfill and you should have exactly enough batter for 12 cupcakes transfer that to the center of a preheated oven and bake at 350 degrees fahrenheit for about 20 to 23 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean once those are out of the oven let them cool for five minutes in the pan then transfer them to a wire rack to cool completely before adding the frosting [Music] now i’m going to show you how to make our go-to all-time favorite cupcake frosting pour one and a half cups of cold heavy whipping cream into a large mixing bowl beat that on high speed for about one and a half to two minutes or until the cream is whipped fluffy and spreadable in a second large mixing bowl beat together one 8 ounce package of softened cream cheese and 2 cups of powdered sugar start that on low speed unless you want to be standing in a cloud of powdered sugar then increase the speed to medium high beat that for about two minutes scraping down the bowl as needed you want this mixture to be really light and creamy next blend in one teaspoon of vanilla extract to finish off the frosting fold your whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture [Music] use a spatula to fold gently until the frosting is well combined fold until your frosting is even in color and texture transfer the frosting to a pastry bag fitted with a piping tip i’m using a wilton 1m and i will link to all the tools we use to make these cupcakes in the recipe notes if you wrap the bag around your hand like this it’ll keep the edges clean and make it much easier to pipe now that our frosting is ready and our cupcakes are completely at room temperature we’re ready to frost them you never want to frost a warm cupcake or the frosting will melt and good news you can make these cupcakes and the frosting ahead of time because they both keep really well you can also frost them and refrigerate them fully assembled which makes it a great make-ahead dessert [Music] alright these are ready to be enjoyed but we’re going to add a little bit of sprinkles because sprinkles make everything more fun and we are going to do a taste test and i pipe these a little big so now i’m a little bit scared who dares me to do a taste test oh more sprinkles more sprinkles the kids can’t resist these with sprinkles and me i love the sprinkles so fun okay all right [Music] this might get ugly that’s okay worth it these cupcakes are really good oh yum yum yum and these turn out to be the perfect color they stay together when you take off the wrapper which is important because they’re easy to eat and look at that this is beautiful okay here i go i’m delaying the inevitable i’m ready here we go how am i supposed to okay oh you guys got to get in and see this texture these are just airy soft melt in your mouth delicious i mean i can’t i can hardly describe this texture it’s just so so fluffy it is perfect this is the only cupcake recipe you’ll need we’ve made these countless times they are so good they always disappear fast and this frosting it’s super easy and it is just like marshmallow soft whipped fluffy airy lightly sweet perfectly sweet i should say and uh this one’s telling me to eat the rest of it um but oh oh another way to my husband’s tip for eating a cupcake is he likes to take off the bottom you can also cut it off for a prettier look and then just like sandwich it for a cupcake sandwich because this is supposedly easier to eat i don’t know let’s see let’s see what happens oh you want it oh okay well there goes my cupcake all right i’m gonna tell my kids about these because they love cupcakes i hope you try these they are sure to become a new favorite and we’ll see you in our next video

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