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About Us

Introduction Of About Us

How it affects every aspect of your life is why it’s important to make the right food choices every day – and eat it, it’s not! Is here for help. The brand has a team of award-winning journalists and board-certified professionals, doctors, nutritionists, chefs, personal trainers, and dietitians to bring you accurate, timely, informative, and actionable ingredients on food and nutrition. Let’s work together. Dieting, weight loss, health, wellness, and more.

As the Premier Health and Wellness brand with our breaking food and restaurant news coverage, healthy eating guides, and proven “no-diet” weight loss strategies – eat it, don’t do it! It is now the # 1 nutrition website askgroupceo.com in the world and the US. One of the top five food centers in India.

Our goal

We want to empower you to make healthy food choices every day through expert and research-based tips, shopping lists, and nutritional guidelines. When you shop at the grocery store, eat outside, go for a walk, cook at home, and much more, you can help us stay healthy, stay healthy and get your best experience.

Why I Create This Site

askgroupceo.com currently has over 110 million annual users. According to ComScore, the site has a larger audience segment and traffic growth rate than most health and care competitors. To date, we have published over 25 articles full of breaking news and life-changing advice.

Why should you trust us?

  • We take with you every product you see in Dal – – and all are tested, researched, or approved by the editor. Our goal? To make it easier for you to find what you need (be it a high-powered blender or a healthy food delivery service) and let you know about the products we are looking for.
  • Our New York City-based team/
  • Editors and recipe developers analyze the quality, durability, aesthetics, and taste (when applied!) Of each product we recommend. And when we have no answers, we turn to those people: professional cooks, nutritionists, organizational experts, you name it.
  • Eatingwell has been at the forefront of the healthy eating movement for over 30 years.
  • Through our award-winning magazine and high-quality, content-rich website askgroupceo.com, we publish delicious healthy recipes such as balsamic & parmesan baked cauliflower and pumpkin noodles with avocado pesto & shrimp and a guide to healthy cooking.
  • Here are 5 tips on how to cook the quinoa and the right way to prepare oatmeal and make it better.
  • Our official, science-based journalism – such as 8 Ways to Follow a Mediterranean Diet for Better Health and the Best Breakfast Lunch for Weight Loss – can help our readers choose better information.
  • Our easy meal plans are designed by registered dietitians and dietitians to help you lose weight, eat cleaner, get more fiber, be vegetarian, be vegetarian and eat more.
  • We are in Vermont – where the magazine was first founded in 1990 – with a strong local, sustainable food culture, farm-to-table restaurants, and famous craft beer and cider views all around us.